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  1. Arapaho

    1. A type of wedgie. Performed by pulling the undies out and putting their feet in the undies. When they try to pull their legs out, it makes the wedgie worse. I made my little brother cry by giving him an Arapaho See wedgie, underwear, undies,…

    Urban slang

  2. Arapaho

    Arapaho, OK U.S. town in Oklahoma Population (2000): 748 Housing Units (2000): 300 Land area (2000): 0.700763 sq. miles (1.814967 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 0.700763 sq. miles (1.814967 sq.…

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  3. Arapaho

    Original name in latin Arapaho Name in other language State code US Continent/City America/Chicago longitude 35.57783 latitude 98.96453 altitude 509 Population 796 Date 2011 05 14

    Cities with a population over 1000 database

  4. arapaho

    ► adjetivo sustantivo de género común ETNOGRAFÍA Arapajo

    Enciclopedia Universal

  5. Arapaho

    /əˈræpəhoʊ/ (say uh rapuhhoh) noun 1. a Native American people, of Algonquian speech stock, once dwelling in the Colorado plains, and now in Oklahoma and Wyoming, US. 2. (plural Arapaho or Arapahos or Arapahoes) a member of this people. 3. their…

    Australian English dictionary

  6. Arapaho

    noun a) A member of the Arapaho people b) A Native American people of Wyoming and Oklahoma



    ARAPAH Indiens des plaines d’Amérique du Nord qui appartiennent à la famille linguistique des Algonkins, les Arapaho vivaient, au XIXe siècle, le long des rivières Platte et Arkansas. Leurs plus anciens mythes laissent penser qu’ils étaient…

    Encyclopédie Universelle

  8. Arapaho

    Scabby Bull, ein Arapaho Indianer, 1898 Die Arapaho [əˈræpəˌhəʊ ] (gelegentlich auch Arapahoe geschrieben) sind ein Indianervolk Nordamerikas. Zeitweise bildeten sie mit den Cheyenne eine politische Allianz. Ihre ursprüngliche Sprache (language…

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  9. Arapaho

      [ə ræpəhəʊ, englisch], Algonkin sprechender Indianerstamm in Nordamerika. Die Arapaho waren ursprünglich wohl sesshafte Feldbauern im Mittleren Westen (etwa im Gebiet von Nordminnesota), bevor sie nach Westen in die Great Plains zogen und dort…


  10. Arapaho

    Infobox Ethnic group group=Arapaho poptime=5,000 popplace=United States (Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming) rels=Christianity, other langs=English, Arapaho related=Cheyenne and other Algonquian peoples The Arapaho (in French: Gens de Vache ) tribe of…


  11. Arapaho

    or Arapahoe noun (plural ho or hos or hoe or hoes) Etymology: probably from Hidatsa arúpahu Arapaho, or a cognate word in another Siouan language Date: 1812 1. a member of an American

    New Collegiate Dictionary

  12. Arapaho

    ☆ Arapaho [ə rap′ə hō΄ ] n. [< Crow aaraxpéahu, lit., (one with) many tattoos ] 1. pl. Arapaho a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in the area between the North Platte and Arkansas rivers and now living in Wyoming and…

    English World dictionary

  13. Arapaho

    noun 1. a member of a tribe of Plains Indians formerly inhabiting eastern Colorado and Wyoming (now living in Oklahoma and Wyoming) • Syn: ↑Arapahoe • Hypernyms: ↑Algonquian, ↑Algonquin, ↑Plains Indian, ↑Buffalo Indian 2. the Algonquian language…

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  14. Arapaho

    Arapahos Pour les articles homonymes, voir Arapahos (homonymie). Scabby Bull, Arapaho

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  15. Arapaho

    ISO 639 3 Code : arp ISO 639 2/B Code : arp ISO 639 2/T Code : arp ISO 639 1 Code : Scope : Individual Language Type : Living

    Names of Languages ISO 639-3

  16. Arapaho

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  17. Arapaho

    [ə rapəhəʊ] noun (plural same or Arapahos) 1》 a member of a North American Indian people living on the Great Plains. 2》 the Algonquian language of the Arapaho. Origin from Crow alappahó, lit. many tattoo marks

    English new terms dictionary

  18. Arapaho

    /euh rap euh hoh /, n., pl. Arapahos, (esp. collectively) Arapaho. 1. a member of a tribe of North American Indians of Algonquian speech stock, once dwelling in the Colorado plains and now in Oklahoma and Wyoming. 2. an Algonquian language, the…


  19. Arapaho

    n. Native American Indian people who in the past lived in eastern Colorado and southeast Wyoming and today lives in Oklahoma and Wyoming (USA); member of the Arapaho Indian tribe n. Algonquian language of the Arapaho; town in Oklahoma (USA)

    English contemporary dictionary

  20. Arapaho

    A•rap•a•ho or A•rap•a•hoe [[t]əˈræp əˌhoʊ[/t]] n. pl. hos or hoes(esp. collectively) ho or hoe. 1) peo a member of a Plains Indian people resident on the upper drainages of the Platte and Arkansas rivers in the mid 19th century: surviving groups…

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  21. arapaho


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  22. Arapaho

    Sp Arãpahas Ap Arapaho L JAV Kasterio apyg. c. (Oklahoma)

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