Apple fritter

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  1. apple fritter

    noun fritter containing sliced apple • Hypernyms: ↑fritter

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  2. apple fritter

    1. corned beef chowder jeff buccats feet 2. cockney rhyming slang for shitter (could mean arse or toilet) that dirty faggot takes it up the apple fritter excuse me mate, where's ya apple fritter?…

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  3. apple fritter

    noun A type of fritter made with pieces of apple deep fried in batter and often served covered with powdered sugar, honey or cinnamon


  4. apple fritter

    Cockney Rhyming Slang Bitter (beer) I ve tried that new apple but I prefer my salmon (Salmon and trout – stout)

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  1. kansas city apple fritter
  2. Grandma's Apple Fritter

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