Bento box

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  1. bento box

    noun a partitioned lunchbox in which a bento is served, traditionally lacquered


  2. bento box

    1. A Japanese box for holding gohan (rice), that should preferably cost about 10 20 dollars, be chibi (small) sized and kawaii (cute), have 2 kotoba, not be made in China or Corea (Korea), be made out of ceramics but NOT plastic, come with a…

    Urban slang

  3. bento box

    /ˈbɛntoʊ bɒks/ (say bentoh boks) noun a selection of Japanese foods served in a compartmentalised container, traditionally an elaborately decorated lacquered box. {Japanese bentō lunch package + box1}

    Australian English dictionary

  4. bento box

    ˈbentō noun Etymology: Japanese bentō box lunch : a multicompartment box used for containing the different courses of a usually Japanese lunch * * * bento box /benˈtō boks/ noun A container with several compartments, used orig in Japan for sushi…

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