«Saxony» в толковых словарях и энциклопедиях:

  1. Saxony

       Located in east central Germany, the highly industrialized and ur banized state of Saxony had a total population in the 1920s of about five million. Aside from its capital, Dresden, its chief cities included Aue, Chemnitz, Görlitz, Meissen,…

    Historical dictionary of Weimar Republik

  2. Saxony

    (engl., »Sachsen«), Flanellstoff für Kleinasien, wird im sächsischen Vogtlande hergestellt

    Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  3. Saxony

    Infobox German Bundesland Name = Free State of Saxony German name = Freistaat Sachsen (de) Swobodny stat Sakska (wen) state coa = Coat of arms of Saxony.svg flag2 = Flag of Saxony (state).svg capital = Dresden largest city = Leipzig area =…


  4. Saxony

    Sax•o•ny [[t]ˈsæk sə ni[/t]] n. 1) geg a state in E central Germany. 4,900,000; 6561 sq. mi. (16,990 sq. km) Cap.: Dresden 2) geg a former state of the Weimar Republic in E central Germany. 5788 sq. mi. (14,990 sq. km) Cap.: Dresden 3) geg why a…

    From formal English to slang

  5. saxony

    sax•o•ny [[t]ˈsæk sə ni[/t]] n. 1) tex a fine, three ply woolen yarn 2) tex a soft finish, compact fabric for coats • Etymology: 1825–35; from Saxony

    From formal English to slang

  6. Saxony

    or German Sachsen geographical name 1. region & former duchy NW Germany S of Jutland Peninsula between the Elbe & the Rhine see Lower Saxony 2. region & state of reunified Germany N of the Erzgebirge capital Dresden area 7081 square miles (18,340

    New Collegiate Dictionary

  7. Saxony

    /ˈsæksəni/ (say saksuhnee) noun a medieval and subsequent division of northern Germany with varying boundaries; at its height it extended from the Rhine to east of the Elbe. German, Sachsen. French, Saxe

    Australian English dictionary

  8. saxony

    /ˈsæksəni/ (say saksuhnee) noun 1. a fine woollen yarn for knitting, etc., originally made from the wool of sheep raised in Saxony, Germany. 2. cloth made from this yarn

    Australian English dictionary

  9. saxony

    [ saks(ə)ni] noun a fine kind of wool. ↘a fine quality cloth made from this wool. Origin C19: from Saxony, a large region of Germany

    English new terms dictionary

  10. Saxony

    n. 1 a fine kind of wool. 2 cloth made from this. Etymology: Saxony in Germany f. LL Saxonia (as SAXON)

    Useful english dictionary

  11. Saxony

    SAXONY, SAXONIES A Yorkshire cloth, used for cheap dress goods, made from wool and cotton mixture yarns, usually dyed. A Saxony woollen is a tweed fabric made from botany yarns in many qualities for fine suitings and dresses and is a good quality

    Dictionary of the English textile terms

  12. Saxony

    reg. and former duchy, electorate, kingdom, and prov., CEN. Germany

    Webster's Gazetteer

  13. saxony

    noun (plural nies) Usage: often capitalized Etymology: Saxony, Germany Date: 1842 1. a. a fine soft woolen fabric b. a fine closely twisted knitting yarn 2. a Wilton jacquard carpet

    New Collegiate Dictionary

  14. SAXONY

    (Ger. Sachsen), state in Germany, formerly an electorate and kingdom. Information about the first Jewish settlers in Saxony dates back to the tenth century. During the rule of the German emperor Otto I (936–973), Jews lived in the towns of…

    Encyclopedia of Judaism

  15. saxony

    fine soft woollen fabric Fabric and Cloth

    Phrontistery dictionary

  16. saxony

    /sak seuh nee/, n. 1. a fine, three ply woolen yarn. 2. a soft finish, compact fabric, originally of high grade merino wool from Saxony, for topcoats and overcoats. 3. a pile carpet woven in the manner of a Wilton but with yarns of lesser quality


  17. Saxony

    Saxonian /sak soh nee euhn/, n., adj. Saxonic /sak son ik/, adj. /sak seuh nee/, n. 1. a state in E central Germany. 4,900,000; 6561 sq. mi. (16,990 sq. km). Cap.: Dresden. 2. a former state of the Weimar Republic in E central Germany. 5788 sq.…


  18. saxony


    English syllables

  19. Saxony

    Sax o*ny, n. [So named after the kingdom of Saxony, reputed to produce fine wool.] 1. A kind of glossy woolen cloth formerly much used. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] 2. Saxony yarn, or flannel made of it or similar yarn. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]

    The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  20. Saxony

       Province in Germany whose name is reminiscent of the Germanic tribe of the Saxons who were subjected to the authority of the Franks and their sovereign, Charlemagne. They were christian ized, but were permitted to live under their own laws…

    Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands

  21. SAXONY

       (3,502), a kingdom of Germany, lies within the basin of the Elbe, facing on the E., between Bavaria (S.) and Prussia (N.), the mountainous frontier of Bohemia; a little less in size than Yorkshire, but very densely inhabited; spurs of the…

    The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  22. Saxony

    Admin ASC 1 Code Orig. name Saxony Country and Admin Code DE.13 DE

    World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II

  23. Saxony

    Sammelanschluß EN collective numbers (in telephone)

    Abkürzungen und Akronyme in der deutschsprachigen Presse Gebrauchtwagen

  24. Saxony

    Saxony1 [sak′sə nē] n. [because first produced in SAXONY2 (region in SE Germany)] 1. a fine wool fabric with a soft finish 2. a closely twisted yarn used for knitting Saxony2 [sak′sə nē] [LL Saxonia] 1. region

    English World dictionary

  25. Saxony

    Sax·o·ny || sæksənɪ n. state in eastern Germany; historic region in northwestern Germany

    English contemporary dictionary

  26. Saxony

    • Chronology of the area and the people Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Saxony     Saxony     †

    Catholic encyclopedia

  27. Saxony

    noun One of the component states of Germany according to the current administrative division of the nation


«Saxony» в словосочетаниях:

  1. Lower Saxony
  2. Saxony Anhalt
  3. Albert of Saxony
  4. King of Saxony Bird of Paradise
  5. Silicon Saxony
  6. Saxony Wheel
  7. Conrad of Saxony
  8. Ludolph of Saxony
  9. saxony green
  10. Kingdom of Saxony
  11. Breitenstein Saxony Anhalt
  12. Hilbersdorf Saxony
  13. Hartenstein Saxony
  14. Kranenburg Lower Saxony
  15. Saxony state election 1999
  16. Neundorf Saxony Anhalt
  17. Boxberg Saxony
  18. John Frederick II Duke of Saxony
  19. Ostrau Saxony
  20. Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony
  21. Neukirchen Saxony Anhalt
  22. Schmiedeberg Saxony
  23. Steinau Lower Saxony
  24. Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Saxony
  25. Matilda of England Duchess of Saxony
  26. Friedersdorf Saxony Anhalt
  27. Fürstenberg Lower Saxony
  28. Sande Lower Saxony
  29. Saxony Finish
  30. Tannenberg Saxony
  31. Wangen Saxony Anhalt
  32. Steinkirchen Lower Saxony
  33. Gertrude of Saxony
  34. John Frederick I Elector of Saxony
  35. Breitungen Saxony Anhalt
  36. Leubsdorf Saxony
  37. Lauter Saxony
  38. John George I Elector of Saxony
  39. Prince Johann Georg of Saxony
  40. Sachsendorf Saxony Anhalt
  41. Federal School of Saxony Saint Afra
  42. Evangelical Church of the Church Province of Saxony
  43. Norden Lower Saxony
  44. Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony 1731–1767
  45. Rossau Saxony Anhalt
  46. Hirschfeld Saxony
  47. Borstel Lower Saxony
  48. Jordan of Saxony
  49. Matilda of Saxony
  50. Gehrden Saxony Anhalt
  51. Lenne Lower Saxony
  52. Friedland Lower Saxony
  53. Saxony Flannel
  54. Halle Saxony Anhalt
  55. Weißenborn Saxony Anhalt
  56. Blomberg Lower Saxony
  57. Altenau Lower Saxony
  58. Moordorf Lower Saxony
  59. Theoderic Duke of Saxony
  60. Brücken Saxony Anhalt
  61. Neuhausen Saxony
  62. Pausa Saxony
  63. John George II Elector of Saxony
  64. Berthoald Duke of Saxony
  65. Wiendorf Saxony Anhalt
  66. Gablenz Saxony
  67. Maria Josepha of Saxony
  68. Duchess Marie Josèphe of Saxony
  69. Albert III Duke of Saxony
  70. Schönberg Saxony Anhalt
  71. Reinsdorf Saxony
  72. Ehrenburg Lower Saxony
  73. Christine of Saxony
  74. Maximilian Crown Prince of Saxony
  75. Born Saxony Anhalt
  76. Langendorf Lower Saxony
  77. Gleichen Lower Saxony
  78. Saxony Gauze
  79. Frederick III Elector of Saxony
  80. Nessa Saxony Anhalt
  81. Elbe Lower Saxony
  82. Falkenstein Saxony Anhalt
  83. Albert of Saxony disambiguation
  84. Lower Saxony national football team
  85. Friedeburg Saxony Anhalt
  86. Weißenborn Saxony
  87. Rabenau Saxony
  88. John George IV Elector of Saxony
  89. AMD Saxony
  90. Beelitz Saxony Anhalt
  91. Horka Saxony
  92. Frankenthal Saxony
  93. Old Saxony
  94. Magdalene Sibylle of Saxony
  95. Schönfeld Saxony Anhalt
  96. Saxony Apartment Building Cincinnati Ohio
  97. Marl Lower Saxony
  98. Maria Amalia of Saxony
  99. Prime Minister of Lower Saxony
  100. Saxony yarn
  101. Bösdorf Saxony Anhalt
  102. Woltersdorf Lower Saxony
  103. Staufenberg Lower Saxony
  104. Saxony Lace
  105. Duchy of Saxony
  106. Elend Saxony Anhalt
  107. Heiningen Lower Saxony
  108. Stolberg Saxony Anhalt
  109. Remlingen Lower Saxony
  110. Goldene Aue Saxony Anhalt
  111. Albert of Saxony philosopher
  112. Lower Saxony State Museum
  113. Hornburg Saxony Anhalt
  114. Wachau Saxony
  115. Schöneck Saxony
  116. Magnus Duke of Saxony
  117. AMD Saxony LLC & Co KG
  118. Bellingen Saxony Anhalt
  119. Vierkirchen Saxony
  120. Landwehr Lower Saxony
  121. Duke Frederick of Saxony
  122. Margaret of Austria Electress of Saxony
  123. Schönwalde Saxony Anhalt
  124. Lower Saxony state election 2008
  125. Lahn Lower Saxony
  126. Nienburg Saxony Anhalt
  127. Ministry of War of Saxony
  128. Burgstall Saxony Anhalt
  129. Dahlem Lower Saxony
  130. Gronau Lower Saxony
  131. Saxony Velvets
  132. Hedwige of Saxony
  133. Langenstein Saxony Anhalt
  134. Coat of arms of Lower Saxony
  135. Mochau Saxony Anhalt
  136. Straßberg Saxony Anhalt
  137. John of Saxony disambiguation
  138. Riethnordhausen Saxony Anhalt
  139. Beiersdorf Saxony
  140. Thalheim Saxony
  141. Lower Saxony state election 1998
  142. Boock Saxony Anhalt
  143. Schönfeld Saxony
  144. Neuhof Lower Saxony
  145. Bevern Lower Saxony
  146. Margaret of Saxony
  147. Steinfeld Saxony Anhalt
  148. List of castles in Saxony
  149. Lilienthal Lower Saxony
  150. List of mountains and hills of Lower Saxony
  151. Emden Saxony Anhalt
  152. Hassel Lower Saxony
  153. Gerberga of Saxony
  154. Freiberg Saxony
  155. Neudorf Saxony Anhalt
  156. Coat of arms of Saxony
  157. Coswig Saxony
  158. Lower Saxony state election 2003
  159. John of Saxony astronomer
  160. Seeburg Saxony Anhalt
  161. Friedersdorf Saxony
  162. Waldheim Saxony
  163. Saxony Mill
  164. John George I of Saxony
  165. Buch Saxony Anhalt
  166. Niederdorf Saxony
  167. Rheden Lower Saxony
  168. Hainichen Saxony
  169. Margarete of Saxony 1469 1528
  170. Walsleben Saxony Anhalt
  171. List of castles in Saxony Anhalt
  172. Anna of Saxony disambiguation
  173. Nature reserves in Lower Saxony
  174. Anthony of Saxony
  175. Hermsdorf Saxony Anhalt
  176. Husum Lower Saxony
  177. Liebenau Lower Saxony
  178. Saxony Wool
  179. Province of Saxony
  180. Nienhagen Saxony Anhalt
  181. Sorge Saxony Anhalt
  182. Coat of arms of Saxony Anhalt
  183. Schwarzenberg Saxony
  184. Saxony state election 2004
  185. Amalie Princess of Saxony
  186. Wallhausen Saxony Anhalt
  187. Großschönau Saxony
  188. Anna of Saxony
  189. Albert II Archbishop of Magdeburg in Saxony
  190. Buchholz Saxony Anhalt
  191. Arzberg Saxony
  192. Sehlem Lower Saxony
  193. Königstein Saxony
  194. Princess Margaretha of Saxony
  195. Christina of Saxony
  196. List of castles in Lower Saxony
  197. Henry IV Duke of Saxony
  198. Portal Lower Saxony
  199. Albert Duke of Saxony
  200. Rätzlingen Saxony Anhalt
  201. Berge Lower Saxony
  202. Brake Lower Saxony
  203. Saxony Motel
  204. List of places in Lower Saxony
  205. Tanne Saxony Anhalt
  206. List of Ministers President of Saxony
  207. Frankenberg Saxony
  208. Saxony Anhalt state election 2002
  209. Politics of Lower Saxony
  210. Winkel Saxony Anhalt
  211. Schönbach Saxony
  212. Prince Maximilian of Saxony
  213. Saxony Albert of
  214. Dahlen Saxony Anhalt
  215. Naundorf Saxony
  216. Duchess Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony
  217. Frederick II Elector of Saxony
  218. Princess Maria Amalia of Saxony
  219. Lichterfelde Saxony Anhalt
  220. Princess Maria Christina of Saxony
  221. Augustus Elector of Saxony
  222. Portal Saxony Anhalt
  223. Ummendorf Saxony Anhalt
  224. Elbingerode Lower Saxony
  225. Ordulf Duke of Saxony
  226. BridgeStreet at the Saxony
  227. List of places in Saxony
  228. Grabow Saxony Anhalt
  229. Sophia Eleonore of Saxony
  230. Frederick Augustus of Saxony
  231. John Elector of Saxony
  232. Landtag of Saxony Anhalt
  233. Ostrau Saxony Anhalt
  234. Weißenborn Lower Saxony
  235. Electorate of Saxony
  236. Maurice Elector of Saxony
  237. Charles of Saxony Duke of Courland
  238. Falkenberg Saxony Anhalt
  239. Bergen Saxony
  240. Lage Lower Saxony
  241. Prince Albert of Saxony Duke of Teschen
  242. Princess Maria Anna of Saxony 1799–1832
  243. Saxony wine region
  244. Princess Elizabeth of Saxony
  245. Nassau Saxony
  246. Portal Saxony
  247. Frederick Augustus II of Saxony
  248. Wellen Saxony Anhalt
  249. Ebersdorf Lower Saxony
  250. Wustrow Lower Saxony
  251. List of places in Saxony Anhalt
  252. Karow Saxony Anhalt
  253. Bornum Saxony Anhalt
  254. Schneeberg Saxony
  255. Nienburg Lower Saxony
  256. Saxony Anhalt Cup
  257. Petersberg Saxony Anhalt
  258. Venusberg Saxony
  259. Wust Saxony Anhalt
  260. Otto I Duke of Saxony
  261. Civil Order of Saxony
  262. Grassau Saxony Anhalt
  263. Erlbach Saxony
  264. Nienhagen Lower Saxony
  265. Frederick I Elector of Saxony
  266. Princess Maria Augusta of Saxony
  267. Franz Xavier of Saxony
  268. Berge Saxony Anhalt
  269. Lehe Lower Saxony
  270. Essen Lower Saxony
  271. Georg II Duke of Saxony Meiningen
  272. George Duke of Saxony
  273. Bucha Saxony Anhalt
  274. Elsdorf Lower Saxony
  275. Landsberg Saxony Anhalt
  276. saxony blue
  277. Baden Lower Saxony
  278. Lübs Saxony Anhalt
  279. Breitenbrunn Saxony
  280. Saxony Hotel
  281. Waldenburg Saxony
  282. Landtag of Lower Saxony
  283. Rothenburg Saxony Anhalt
  284. Waldkirchen Saxony
  285. Christian II Elector of Saxony
  286. Bruno Duke of Saxony
  287. Prince Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony
  288. Hassel Saxony Anhalt
  289. Grünbach Saxony
  290. Scharnhorst Lower Saxony
  291. Rosengarten Lower Saxony
  292. Princess Maria Christina of Saxony 1770–1851
  293. Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony Duke of Courland
  294. Breitenfeld Saxony Anhalt
  295. Steinhorst Lower Saxony
  296. History of Saxony
  298. Duchess Magdalena of Saxony
  299. Krauschwitz Saxony Anhalt
  300. Kalbe Lower Saxony
  301. Saxony Anhalt state election 2006
  302. Anglo Saxony
  303. Wettin Saxony Anhalt
  304. Roßdorf Saxony Anhalt
  305. Gersdorf Saxony
  306. Kirchberg Saxony
  307. Landtag of Saxony
  308. List of diplomats from the United Kingdom to Saxony
  309. Wallendorf Saxony Anhalt
  310. Königsfeld Saxony
  311. Christian I Elector of Saxony
  312. Liudolf Duke of Saxony
  313. Georg Crown Prince of Saxony
  314. Hindenburg Saxony Anhalt
  315. Neumark Saxony
  316. Bokel Lower Saxony
  317. Eilika of Saxony
  318. Princess Maria Christina of Saxony 1735–1782
  319. Ellenberg Saxony Anhalt
  320. Bodensee Lower Saxony
  321. Kirchdorf Lower Saxony
  323. List of rulers of Saxony
  324. Langendorf Saxony Anhalt
  325. Seedorf Lower Saxony
  326. Frederick Augustus III of Saxony
  327. Woltersdorf Saxony Anhalt
  328. Schönberg Saxony
  329. Dahlen Saxony
  330. Ernest Elector of Saxony
  331. List of windmills in Lower Saxony
  332. Biendorf Saxony Anhalt
  333. Lichtenau Saxony
  334. Saxony Landtag Elections in the Weimar Republic
  335. Amerika Saxony
  336. Day of Lower Saxony
  337. Holzhausen Saxony Anhalt
  338. Reuth Saxony
  339. Cappel Lower Saxony
  340. Marienberg Saxony
  341. Princess Maria Ferdinanda of Saxony
  342. Neuendorf Saxony Anhalt
  343. Seeburg Lower Saxony
  344. Rhede Lower Saxony
  345. Ludolf of Saxony
  346. Frederick Augustus I of Saxony
  347. Reinsdorf Saxony Anhalt
  348. Vorwerk Lower Saxony
  349. Bernard I Duke of Saxony
  350. George of Saxony
  351. Berga Saxony Anhalt
  352. Eppendorf Saxony
  353. Falkenstein Saxony
  354. Munster Lower Saxony
  355. List of windmills in Saxony
  356. Borne Saxony Anhalt
  357. Rossau Saxony
  358. Saxony disambiguation
  359. Frederick II of Saxony
  360. Dorothea of Saxony
  361. Iden Saxony Anhalt
  362. Steinberg Saxony
  363. Midlum Lower Saxony
  364. Narrow gauge railways in Saxony
  365. Maria of Saxony Duchess of Pomerania
  366. Neulingen Saxony Anhalt
  367. Drage Lower Saxony
  368. Lengerich Lower Saxony
  369. Saxony Brussels
  370. John George III Elector of Saxony
  371. Steinburg Saxony Anhalt
  372. Böhme Lower Saxony
  373. Bernard II Duke of Saxony
  374. John of Saxony
  375. Blankenheim Saxony Anhalt
  376. Frankenstein Saxony
  377. Frauenstein Saxony
  378. Frederick of Saxony
  379. List of windmills in Saxony Anhalt
  380. Glinde Saxony Anhalt
  381. Tiefenbach Saxony
  382. Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony
  383. Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony
  384. Magdalena of Saxony
  385. Losse Saxony Anhalt
  386. Hermsdorf Saxony
  387. Oberndorf Lower Saxony
  388. Bergen Lower Saxony
  389. Princess Mathilde of Saxony 1863–1933
  390. Rohrberg Saxony Anhalt
  391. Heidenau Lower Saxony
  392. Bockhorn Lower Saxony
  393. Saxony Electoral Merino
  394. Frederick Christian Elector of Saxony
  395. Taucha Saxony Anhalt
  396. Freiburg Lower Saxony
  397. Steinfeld Lower Saxony
  398. Albert I Duke of Saxony

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